US Manufacturing says Yes to Wheat and No to Waste

“I’ll huff and I’ll puff” and it won’t make a difference to the straw in this product. Although relatively new to the US Manufacturing market, Stramit Technologies has been producing boards and panels for nearly 50 years. The CAFboard, Compressed Agricultural Fiber board, has been used in prefabricated buildings, doors, and thermal and sound-proofing linings.

The straw that’s used to create CAFboard can be tilled into the earth or burned, but Stramit USA buys bales and runs them through the long machine that’s pictured. The rapidly renewable material is broken and screened of debris and then compressed with Jetson Green

We are very interested in the applications that this product will bring to the industry. We welcome all photos and submissions of uses with this product. Big Bad Wolf need not apply.

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