Are You Allergic to Your House?

Green products can drastically reduce your exposure to irritants and allergens inside your house. Sourcing locally and buying American Made can reduce the carbon footprint left on the environment. Combining the two, “American Made” + “Green Products” equals what we like to call a “win-win” situation. This article explains the hows and whys when choosing green products for your home interiors.

Cheryl Hahn, owner of Cozy Pure Organic Zone in Norfolk, recommends choosing all-natural products for the bedroom to reduce off-gassing. (David B. Hollingsworth | Special to The Virginian-Pilot) By Nora Firestone More than 60 million Americans have

The Virginian-Pilot 

Are you ready to paint your interiors? If so, consider a low VOC or natural based paint before you pull out the brushes and drop clothes. Is it time to replace the carpet? Consider using 100% natural fibers for underfoot.  So, if that new house smell is giving you a headache or you makes you sneeze when you walk in the door, consider choosing green products and buy natural and/or organic.

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