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Hi, I’m Carl Stifter. I created American Made Building Products .Org to help American manufacturers & builders of quality products market them & grow their business. In 1996, I started a home remodeling company . I primarily purchase quality American made products on line or from brick & mortar stores. These purchases will help all Americans to accomplish their lifes dreams

Milwaukee Latest Generation of Cordless

Milwaukee has recently introduced the new M18 FUEL Cordless to the market. In 2005, they were the first power tool manufacturer to use lithium-ion battery technology in cordless tools. The M12 and M18 were brought to market in 2008. As they continue to revolutionize this technology, they remain an industry-leader in heavy-duty portable tools.

Check out the video library to learn about the new M18 FUELs.


The Bell Tolls in American Manufacturing…..

Bevin Brothers Manufacturing is a sixth generation American Manufacturing company that is the only remaining company manufacturing bells in America. Located in East Hampton, CT – also known as ‘Belltown, USA’, it has a 179 year history of crafting quality bells and received a deafening clap from Mother Nature on Saturday evening. Matt Bevin, Factory Owner, stated in an interview the day after the fire that he is unsure of the fate of the company, as shown at Firehouse.com http://www.firehouse.com/news/10722147/fire-destroys-iconic-connecticut-bell-factory?utm_source=related_content_box&utm_medium=related_content&utm_campaign=10722362

The company says it has made as many as 20 sizes of sleigh bells and made the first bicycle bells. Its products were featured in Hollywood’s Christmas classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and at football games and ski races. “This is a tremendous loss for

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This American Manufacturer has supplied bells for bicycles to boats and everything in-between. They have also provided the bells for Clarence to received his ‘Angel Wings’ in the iconic Christmas classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I hope that clapper will still strike the sound rim for Bevin Brothers.

Keeping the eco-Friendly Fires Burning

Do you know what warms my hands and my heart? Enviro-Log firelogs. This American Manufacturer, based in Fitzgerald, GA, is the largest recycler of waxed cardboard and the 3rd largest producer of firelogs in North America. Enviro-logs can burn for up to 3 hours. When comparing these to regular firewood, they emit 30% less greenhouse gases, 80% less carbon dioxide and 86% less creosote.

As a retired Military man, this American Manufacturer’s most recent announcement warms my heart.

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwire – May 15, 2012) – Enviro-Log®, Inc., an eco-friendly consumer products and recycling company, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Euro-American Brands to distribute its earth-friendly firelogs and firestarters to

This US Manufacturer is taking cardboard slated for the landfill and diverting it a more environmentally friendly version of what is used for everything from recreational cooking to a home heat source. To see how they are partnering with suppliers to manufacturer this product, view this video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ifZ7IiQU94

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DIY: The Great American Outdoors

I really this time of year: early-Spring to early-Summer. It affords me the opportunity to best take advantage of enjoying my back deck and working in my garden. I have told my wife for years [and years] that I would cover part of the deck and build her an outdoor kitchen so that she could also enjoy our outdoor space for most of the year. My intentions are good, but this project has never seemed to make it to page one of my list of “Honey-Do” items. However, I have found an American Manufacturer that offers several solutions.

The production of The Lodge II Pergola in Minnesota was a decision made to ensure product quality, design and delivery. OGC is one of a growing number of companies that are bringing business back to the US. This is to ensure timely manufacturing,

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The Outdoor GreatRoom Company specializes in creating spaces for outdoor living. They design, manufacture and sell outdoor kitchens, pergolas, firepits and outdoor furniture. If looking for a design ideas or a dealer for this American Manufacturer, visit their website, www.outdoorrooms.com,  or call 1-866-303-4028.


Outdoor Living thats Made in the USA

According to the FTC, a product that carries the Made in USA label be “all or virtually all” made in the America. Also, they define “all or virtually all” as ‘all significant parts and processing that go into the product must be of U.S. origin. That is, the product should contain no – or negligible – foreign content.’ FurnitureForPatio.com has recently added three American Manufacturers that carry the label Made in USA; Lloyd Flanders, Telescope Casual and Homecrest. These companies provide collections in a variety of styles, materials and bugets. These established American manufacturers join a staple of this online retailer – Poly-Wood Furniture. Poly-Wood is innovative and environmentally friendly, turning recycled milk-jugs and plastic containers into plastic lumber .

Believing firmly in giving the consumer what they want, FurnitureForPatio.com has expanded their product selection of US manufactured furniture. Most of the US patio manufacturers back their products with 15-20 year warranties, which makes selling the PR Web (press release)

With summer approaching and BBQ season in full swing, if your outdoor living needs an upgrade you can find it Made in the USA.

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‘American Made’ Inspires Builder

I would like to believe that my simple perspective of the “Law of Supply-Demand” is just that – Simple. If we, the Consumer – the Homeowner, demanded that our house be constructed with American made building products then that’s what would be supplied. Gerald Rowlett, owner of Westlake Development Group, was inspired after viewing ABC News’ ‘Made In America’story about the Montana Builder.

By Elliot Njus, The Oregonian View full sizeJohn M. Vincent/The Oregonian Westlake Development Group’s “Made in America” house in Lake Oswego, shown while under construction in April, was made entirely with products sourced or manufactured in the OregonLive.com

Mr. Rowlett’s demand was to build a house using only American made building products. His supply was from 232 different companies. Simple.

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Classical Moulding Made in the USA

Homeowners are staying in their current homes longer than they expected. Many of whom are remodeling their homes into the living spaces that they have always wanted. Whether you are planning a full-scale remodel or a more budget-friendly update, Kuiken Brothers American Made Classical Mouldings should be on your list of preferred products. This line of Building Materials is from start to finish 100% American Made.

Check out their website to view their 65 Poplar Moulding profiles Made in the USA, request a complimentary catalog or if you are an architect or designer you can download the CAD drawings.

Kuiken Brothers promotes their Made in the USA KB Classical Moulding collection, Kuiken Brothers Company Inc. Lumber – Building Materials – Millwork


This “Made in the USA” Classical Moulding collection is sure to satisfy whatever your architectural taste for American Made design.


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Touchdown: Made in America

We are taking a small left turn from our mission of providing information about Building Products Made in America to highlight America’s most watched sporting event: The Super Bowl.  America’s pasttime is a showcase for Made in America. Everything iconic in America’s game from the opening coin toss, the football, the turf on the grid iron, and the Lombardi Trophy are proudly Made in America. “We believe in made in America. We don’t see any reason why Americans can’t compete with the overseas companies,” said Michael Kott, president of The Highland Mint. “Not only are our products made in the United States, all our raw materials come from ABC News On Sunday, as you gather around to watch the highly anticipated commericals during the breaks of the main event, remember that Made In America is a winner in this game.

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A cabinet to call their own

If you are looking for cabinets made in America, the Wolf Organization can provide an answer to your search. This American company, based in York, PA, has supplied lumber, hardware and building materials for six-generations. The company has primarily been a distributor. They have recently contracted Kountry Wood, an Indiana-based Amish manufacturer to supply their Made in America cabinets.

Along with distributing products from other manufacturers, the Wolf Organization markets its own brand of cabinets and other building products. By LAUREN BOYER Boxes line the warehouse at the WOLF distribution center in West Manchester Township.

The Wolf Organization also supplies other building materials made in America. These Wolf Home products include deck, triming and moulding.

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Second chance for Old Bricks

Custom Building Materials company discovers a diamond-in-the-rough from demolition of neighboring building. The building being torn down is made of bricks displaying “Simons” on the underneath. Simons Brick Company was a family owned and operated brickmaker in Santa Monica, CA from 1905 to 1935. Reclaiming these bricks will not only save them from a wasted future in a landfill, but gives another chance to fulfill their building material destiny.

 Key to repurposing old materials is the concept of “embodied energy,” or maintaining the resources needed to make the product in the first place, said Brenden McEneaney, a green building program advisor with the Office of Sustainability and the Santa Monica Daily Press 

Early in my building career, I learned the key to any project is the foundation. A solid foundation is a solid building. However, a shaky foundation can leave you with a pile of rubble. When a building is scheduled to be demolished in a pile of rubble, remember to look for the building materials that can be reclaimed and reused.

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