The Bell Tolls in American Manufacturing…..

Bevin Brothers Manufacturing is a sixth generation American Manufacturing company that is the only remaining company manufacturing bells in America. Located in East Hampton, CT – also known as ‘Belltown, USA’, it has a 179 year history of crafting quality bells and received a deafening clap from Mother Nature on Saturday evening. Matt Bevin, Factory Owner, stated in an interview the day after the fire that he is unsure of the fate of the company, as shown at

The company says it has made as many as 20 sizes of sleigh bells and made the first bicycle bells. Its products were featured in Hollywood’s Christmas classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” and at football games and ski races. “This is a tremendous loss for

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This American Manufacturer has supplied bells for bicycles to boats and everything in-between. They have also provided the bells for Clarence to received his ‘Angel Wings’ in the iconic Christmas classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. I hope that clapper will still strike the sound rim for Bevin Brothers.

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